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      時間:   2010-04-15 14:04:03    |   來源:    artchina




      Art China


      Art China: The Official Gateway to China’s Art

      State Council Information Office in Charge

      Under China Internet Information Centre

      New Culture   High Coverage   Omni Information

      Profoundly Academic Attitude   

      Open-Minded Culture


      The Golden Age of China Art

      Deeply documenting spotlight,

      vividly portraying the most greeted thought,

      wisdom and feelings

      Art China

      Devoting to becoming a model in the industry



      National Brand    International Scope 

      Supported by state finance,

      having a powerful influence,

      demonstrating a leading role in the quality art on the internet


      Founded in 1997, china.org.cn is a super terrace to release news

      in simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, French,

      German, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Korean,

      and Esperanto, and its readers are located in more than

      200 countries and regions.



      Realizing Dreams with a Super Team

      We select the most outstanding artists in the mainstream art,

      We discover the most prospective heroes in contemporary art.

      New Production Team

      They are creators of Art.China

      They are avant-garde group who discover the future through individual creativity…

      They achieve the popularity of Art China by their specialties,

      They build a great reputation for Art China.



      Facing Future

      Brand New Video, An Exposition of Feelings of Art China

      Affecting Art Stories

      Amazing Creative Power

      Universal Values of Humanism…

      Art China Documenting Art on the Spot

      Valuable Way of Exploring Most Appreciated Art Life.



      ART CHINA’s- Insight of winners  inspiration for dreamers

      Art Salon

      Live Video Broadcast

      Archives of Celebrities

      Exhibition Online

      Art Life

      Feature Story



      Professional Quality  Video Witness

      Double Leader in profession and quality

      Video Document  Art on the Spot



      Elite Quality   Art Life

      480,000 Web Visitors in a Day

      2,660,000 Page Views in a Day

      Full-Blown Art China, 60,000

      Membership Registrations

      Art China, the Most Favorite Space of Art Lovers

      90.1%  Readers Loving Art China

      More Than the Other Art Web

      85.4% Readers Recommending Art China



      ADD : 6th Floor, Building B, 89 Xi Sanhuan

           Bei Lu Beijing 100089 China

      TEL : 86-010-88828128  88828403

      FAX : 86-010-88828414